Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sick, Sicker, Sickest...

If you've never had Pyelonephritis, there's no way to describe the sort of pain and exhaustion that both forces you into bed and keeps you awake. My cycle went like this: Body aches followed by a high fever with massive, teeth clenching chills, and then a sweat that left me limp and soaked. This cycle has progressively gotten worse since the end of September. For one blissful week, I thought I had it kicked. Week before last Thursday I took my last antibiotic, and by the following Saturday night, all the symptoms came rushing back, and twice as bad. I barely escaped a hospital stay.

So if you've been wondering, that's what's been happening with me. I'm in a slower recovery now, just getting my feet under me, but I can tell, this isn't going to be easy for me to bounce back from. I still can't make it all the way through the night without waking up from one symptom or another. The lower back pain feels very much like labor pains! Ugh. This stuff is horrible.

Anyway, now that I can sit up and actually focus my eyes again (the meds they gave me for the muscle pain makes my eyes blur) I'm getting back to business. Yes, this seems to be the yo-yo of my life this year, but I'll keep coming back and I'll keep trying. I'm working on Detour 2 Death for a spring release and I've got some great new talent I'm looking at as the editor for Quake. There's exciting stuff going on--I only pray I'll continue to be healthy enough to enjoy every minute!



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