Monday, July 18, 2011

What to Write and Redemption

Here I am, with a pretty new blank blog to fill, all this wonderful "white space" to work with--and I'm lost. How funny! I've been editing WAY too long.

Right now, I'm thinking about Redemption coming out. Nancy Holzner has the ARC now and has agreed to get it back to me by September some time, which is absolutely wonderful of her considering she's got big deadlines to deal with. I really, really loved writing Redemption. The feel of it, the aura, the ability to get supernatural, the huge cast and epic scope--all of it was a real treat. Now I'm itching to do something along the same lines. I've been captivated by a word and all the wonderful nuances that word has. I'm thinking it might be the next title I work on when I get some "me" time to write. The word is: Ruiner. The possibilities with that are endless.

While things have been hectic and crazy, they've been good. I'm working at a steady pace and getting tons accomplished. Even if there are tons more to accomplish, these achievements feel pretty darn good.

I really can't wait for Redemption to come out. Here is the back cover blurb:

Half-angel Savannah Mantas smells the sulfuric stench of wrath when it enters her city, Iron Point. Resurrected by the archangel Michael, she's hunting for redemption and half-demon Nico Montenegro is her prey. He comes from the Fringes, the border between the city and the toxic wasteland beyond.

When they meet, Nico tells her a story, one of genocide and confiscated bodies. Not revenge, but justice is his purpose and his target is the most admired family in the world–Commander Hathaway and his daughter.

Hathaway's soldiers are slaughtering Fringers and secretly feeding them to Revenants, mutants who survived the bio-bombing of 2120. They have a twisted idea they can train these clever creatures like dogs and keep them out of the city long enough to mobilize an evacuation for the wealthy and well-connected.

Savannah knows better. Revenants are what killed her. When they attack, the last of humankind may be wiped out completely. Stopping Hathaway might just be enough to gain her redemption and escape a hellish fate.

Hope you think it sounds as fun as to read as it was to write! :)


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mi Vida Loca

Where have I been? I've been working under a rock! :) Just kidding--but I have been super busy. These are the projects I am working on right now or have just finished:

1) WRWA Fall Conference
2) WRWA Summer Newsletter
3) Editing Servant to the Wolf by the fabulous Sue Wentz of Cassidy Creek Bridge fame
4) Editing Shaken by the super D.M. Anderson of Killer Cows fame
5) Editing Take Me Home (working title) by Martin Bartloff of Torn From Normal fame
6) Writing books #4, 5, and 6 in the Delbert Dallas series
7) Reading Submissions to the Quake imprint of Echelon Press
8) Transferring website to my wordpress account for easier updating
9) Updating all blogs :)
10) What I call "red-tape" work: writing up contracts for the conference and for new books coming through Quake--writing up agreements for workshop presenters and panelists, etc.

Okay, so that's where I'm at this morning. It's just after ten and I'm all ready tired! Lol! :) Think I'll get a big cup of coffee and settle in for a nice long day behind the keyboard.

One of these days I'll actually be able to write again!