Monday, November 28, 2005

What's Happenin!

No,Rerun hasn't returned to give us a few chuckles :) I figured that since this is the place to go for news about me and my career, I should probably spit out what I've been up to :)

Coming soon from Echelon Press

Ever wonder what went on between Sara Stark and Drake Knight when she was younger? Now you can find out. This longish short story will be available as an Echelon Download in the very near future. I'll be back with exact dates when I get them ;)

Coming in November 2006

Ever wonder what happened to Sara and Drake after Stark Knight? Well, you'll soon be able to find out! I'm deep into this book right now and the ride is thrilling! For a taste of what's to come, you can check out the unrevised first chapter here:

For all you patient folks out there, yes, there will be a newsletter coming soon! I'm putting together the first issue--due out around the 1st of the year. Anyone who signs up will be entered to win one of a few prizes--at least two winners for this contest ;) The first will be a free copy of "The Knight Before" and the second will be a great pair of fingerless gloves knitted by moi, from the pattern by Susan H. Aguirre: (Oh! And you knitters out there, don't forget to check out her way awesome stitch markers: )

Here's a cool photo of what they look like:

I'll offer the winner a choice of a few different colors :) You can sign up for my newsletter through here:

Of course I'm busy with a lot more, but these are the most "current events" going on in my writing world today ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

On The Road Again . . .

Okay, I'm over myself :) I think getting productive helps a whole lot, and too--learning how not to hope and pray so much. One of my biggest faults--believing in miracles. The world will not end tomorrow if I'm never on the NYTimes Bestseller's list. My children will not be scarred for life if I never find an agent. My husband won't stop worshipping the ground . . erm . . . loving me, if I can't write well enough to get him off the road. We will motor on--stay the course--and keep eating chocolate. :)

I finished the prequel short story to Stark Knight and sent it off to my publisher--managed to finally get the last of my Roto-Writer work off to my ever-so-patient and wonderful client (she wears a halo, I swear! :) ) And I compiled items already written, wrote out a bunch of new things, and got the outline completed for my new how-to nonfiction book, tentatively titled:

Crafting the Action Scene
by J.R. Turner

I like the title and now that over half of it is done, I'm extremely thrilled :) Oh, and I guess, hopeful too :) That others will find it helpful, that they'll read the advice and information I've gathered and come away motivated, inspired, and eager to write. So, let's pray that's not believing in miracles ;)

On another note, I'd like to thank all of you who wrote to support me while I had the blues. I don't think I could have yanked myself out of this one so quickly if I hadn't been so overwhelmed with warm wishes. Y'all truly Rock!! ;) Thank you bunches ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Note from Hell

I've hit bottom with this writing life. Sure, things should be looking up, but they aren't. I realized this morning that all my favorite agent bloggers have rejected every manuscript I've ever sent to them. Why do I keep reading them? I can't even muster a heartfelt congrats when they announce a new client. I'm not jealous--maybe envious--but nothing mean spirited. It just reminds me that maybe I'm not as talented as I hoped, or that basically . . . I couldn't write a good story if my children's lives depended on it, which in a way, they do.

I'm sifting through career options this morning. Oh, I'll keep writing, and likely keep publishing. My obituary will read something like:

"Author dies of old age. Her 150 books will be rememberd fondly by the four people who bought them. Walmart is having an in-store sale on the day of her funeral to honor her fifty years of service. After the funeral, stop on by to pick up a new toaster--but unfortunately, they don't stock her novels."

Yep, that's about it. *sigh*

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

On Rejections

Well, the rejection letter (on my Great Agent Hunt) came yesterday and I totally don't know how to feel about it. I suppose I should feel like I did for all the others I've recieved, but this one is different for a number of reasons.

First, I love this agency. They have such a wonderful team, great personalities, and real, true-life enthusiasm. Just being around them on the 'net has helped me find the 'fun' in this way hard writing life again. So, working with them was right up there with 'dream job.'

Second, I sort of expected the rejection letter. At first I had thought it would be an awesome fit--though I knew I was stretching the parameters of what they normally represent--I do have a lot of works-in-progress and a few completed novels that they might have enjoyed. The problem with the 'wips' was they weren't finished--and the problem with the completes was they're earlier works and need some revisions. *sigh* So, I had sent them my latest and greatest. And last but not least, a short while ago I discovered that the particular agent with in the agencies that had my book really isn't all that gung-ho for the style and genre.

The rejection letter was the sort you hope and pray for, if you have to be rejected at all, that is. It was personal, said what she liked, said what she didn't care for, and wished me the best.

The idea, though, that there's another agency out there with such a vibrant group of people, is hard to fathom. I've been around this publishing biz for a while, researched dozens and dozens of agencies looking for a fit, and I've never come aross such a wonderful place as this one. They truly are exceptional.

Maybe . . . maybe . . . one day . . . when I've paid more dues . . . maybe I'll be able to work with them later.

The problem now, however, is that I NEED representation. The type of writing that I do, the sort of career that I want to have, isn't possible without one. Which means I go back to my long list of agents and try to choose one that at least seems professionally friendly. I don't want to be in someone's 'stable', I want to be part of a 'business family.'

Back to the drawing board. . . .


I hope those who are in the Madison area will come on down and see me today! The coffee Burman's sent for the Reader's Basket smells heavenly--and there's some yummy looking chocolate in there too!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Meet Me in Madison!

Meet Me at Booked For Murder!

On Saturday, November 19th at 1pm I'll be signing "Stark Knight" at Booked for Murder in Madison, WI. Come visit me and be entered to win a chance at the ultimate reader's experience! The Reader's Basket will include a special treat from Burman Coffee Traders! Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Come on Down and Meet Me! :)

Come Meet Me at Book Finders in Stevens Point this coming Saturday, November 12th from 1-3pm!! I'm excited to get to know you, sign books, enter your name in a drawing for a terrific reader's basket: including items from Heaven in a Handbasket and Mountain Mudd! Make your reading experience great, or give the basket and an autographed copy of "Stark Knight" to a loved one this holiday!

I'd love to see you!! :)

J.R. "Jenny" Turner