Monday, July 31, 2006

Nose to the Grindstone :)

I've been working on My Biker Bodyguard, getting it ready to turn in to my publisher and I've found so many things I love about this story. Let me introduce you to the characters:

Jess Owen: Tatto artist extrordinaire! She works in the family business, Tattoos&Tails--a tattoo parlor/Harley repair shop. Between trying to keep her little family on the straight and narrow and making sure the famous Owen cookouts go off without a hitch, she's got a full life. Except in one department. Dating. All those big burly bikers don't make it easy to find a guy brave enough to date her.

Mitch Conner: Boxer turned bodyguard, he's turned his life around since leaving New York and setting out for the West Coast. A few years as a private investigator gained him the connections needed to strike out on his own as a personal bodyguard. Years later, he's got a perfect record--until his client ends up shot and in a coma. Now he's headed to Milwaukee to fulfill the last request of Beth Kramer--protect her secret child, Jess Owen.

These two characters have been a joy to work with. I love Jess's quick wit and Mitch's bravery as they try to escape the hired hitmen sent to take Jess out.

I'm really look forward to this release. It's done very well in contests, including these:
First Place Winner of Where The Magic Begins Contest sponsored by Romance Writers of America Romance Writer's Ink Chapter (2004)

Second Place (Reader vote)/Third Place (Editor Pick) in the 2005 Summer Romance Junkies contest.

Honorable Mention~Romance Writers of America Windy City's Four Seasons Awards (2004)

If y'all want to read an excerpt, you can find more here:

I can't wait to see what they'll come up with for the cover!! I'll let y'all know the details as they come up.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Religon+Politics =Division

Since when is our government Christian? I ask this question AS a Christian.

I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the trinity, though I am not Catholic. However, I am also American. I am a member of a country who sends soldiers to die to protect AMERICANS equally. Death doesn't discriminate.

But it would seem that too many people in the UNITED States of America don't have a clue that religion and politics aren't supposed to go hand-in-hand.

That UNITED means we, as a diverse people, are equal. Members of the KKK are just as much citizens as members of the NAACP. Athiests are just as much citizens as Christians. Native Americans are just as much citizens as an immigrant one second after he or she's been sworn in. English-speaking and the non-english-speaking citizens are EQUAL.

Get that you dividers out there? EQUAL.

As Martin Luther King so eloquently stated in his last speech before being murdered for his works: we all have intrinisic worth. So, until someone decides to stand for citizen-equality, for UNITEDness, instead of trying to further divide our people along religious, political, ethnic, or any other lines--I will argue against them fiercely because . . .

I'm an American and a Patriot.

Are you?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Armed Forces Emergency Services

Ever hear of it? Did you know that's a part of what the American Red Cross does for our men and women in the military? I didn't either. But once I learned about them, all I wanted to do was dig in and help. I want to do more than just slap a magnet on my car, and this is how I can do it!

First, check it out:

American Red Corss Armed Forces Emergency Services

Here's a quick summary of what the AFES does:

Prevent, Prepare for and Cope with Emergencies: Offers counseling and aid in order to deal with the long term separation in military families.

Emergency Communication: In the event of a critical accident, illness, or other emerbency, there is a whole team of volunteers standing by to find the service member and even contact his or her commanding officer to arrange leave if possible.

Health and Welfare Inquiries: For families who've lost touch with a service member, there is a worldwide communications network just waiting to give the worried family peace of mind.

Information, Referral and Advocacy: The Red Corss helps families understand government benefits, cut through the red tape, and get the help desperately needed.

Humanitarian Reassignment and Hardship Discharge: The Red Cross can counsel the family or service member on how to request a humanitarian reassignment or a hardship discharge by making clear the procedures and documentation needed.

Veterans Services: The Americna Red Cross volunteers sserve hospitalized veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers. They also help represent veterens and their families who seek compensation awards from the DVA.

Emerbency Financial Assistance: In an emergency that requires the presence of the service member or his or her family, the Red Cross may provide acces to an interest-freee loan or a grant for travel expenses.

If you ask me, that's more than enough reason to support the AFES and to get the word out about what they do. Therefore, I am donating $1.00 of every book directly purchased from me, either over the internet or at a booksigning, to the AFES.

They provide a fabulous service to our men and women in the military and their families, and an awesome opportunity to do more than wave my flag!!!

I'm very excited about this. Leave me a note and let me know what you think!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bulletproof Bride

Something old, something new, and a kevlar vest, too . . .

All the makings of a wild romantic suspense you don't want to miss!!!

Check out this awesome cover:

"When Robert Carson steals her murdered father's company, Mina Jackson is determined to see justice done and takes destiny in her own hands. When she barges into his life and kidnaps him at gunpoint, he's thrown into a whirlwind of betrayal, secrecy and a most unexpected complication-love."

I'm happy to say it's one of the top sellers for Echelon Press this week! Woo Hoo!

Get Your Copy Today from Echelon Press! Or at Fictionwise!

So glad to be back with good news to share!! *GRIN*


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oh Where, oh Where Have I been?

Lost my computer, got a new Dell (dude!) and now I'm up and running again ;)

I've got lots of good news to share. Bulletproof Bride is now available!! It's selling very well and I'm excited that so many have enjoyed the story. Look for more from me later.

A Musing:

Politics and high blood pressure don't match. Nor does politics make for a good marriage. After years of listening to talk radio trash talk, hubby and I are now listening to the new JackFM and have splurged on some rockin' CD's that we've always wanted.

My energy level is up, my attitude is much better, and our relationship is going great. Still, I don't want to stay out of the loop on what's happening in the world, so I get my news from the Daily Show. Jon Stewart ROCKS!

And while I'm more centrist than liberal, I'm still toying with the idea of writing an article called, "Living with a NeoCon and Why Rush Limbaugh Almost Ruined my Marriage." Not to dis the ditto-heads out there (after all, I'm deeply in love with one!) but the MajaRushie needs to check his facts just a TAD bit more carefully. After reading the Congressional Record (online, for researching my plots) I've come to know a thing or two about what *actually* goes on. But try to tell that to my redheaded Republican Texan husband! LOL!

Okay, yeah, so that's why we're listening to ZZTop. Btw, LaGrange is my favorite!!!

'Til next time!