Saturday, July 29, 2006

Religon+Politics =Division

Since when is our government Christian? I ask this question AS a Christian.

I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the trinity, though I am not Catholic. However, I am also American. I am a member of a country who sends soldiers to die to protect AMERICANS equally. Death doesn't discriminate.

But it would seem that too many people in the UNITED States of America don't have a clue that religion and politics aren't supposed to go hand-in-hand.

That UNITED means we, as a diverse people, are equal. Members of the KKK are just as much citizens as members of the NAACP. Athiests are just as much citizens as Christians. Native Americans are just as much citizens as an immigrant one second after he or she's been sworn in. English-speaking and the non-english-speaking citizens are EQUAL.

Get that you dividers out there? EQUAL.

As Martin Luther King so eloquently stated in his last speech before being murdered for his works: we all have intrinisic worth. So, until someone decides to stand for citizen-equality, for UNITEDness, instead of trying to further divide our people along religious, political, ethnic, or any other lines--I will argue against them fiercely because . . .

I'm an American and a Patriot.

Are you?


Anonymous said...

Do you ever update this blog?

Anonymous said...

Yep now check this out....