Monday, July 31, 2006

Nose to the Grindstone :)

I've been working on My Biker Bodyguard, getting it ready to turn in to my publisher and I've found so many things I love about this story. Let me introduce you to the characters:

Jess Owen: Tatto artist extrordinaire! She works in the family business, Tattoos&Tails--a tattoo parlor/Harley repair shop. Between trying to keep her little family on the straight and narrow and making sure the famous Owen cookouts go off without a hitch, she's got a full life. Except in one department. Dating. All those big burly bikers don't make it easy to find a guy brave enough to date her.

Mitch Conner: Boxer turned bodyguard, he's turned his life around since leaving New York and setting out for the West Coast. A few years as a private investigator gained him the connections needed to strike out on his own as a personal bodyguard. Years later, he's got a perfect record--until his client ends up shot and in a coma. Now he's headed to Milwaukee to fulfill the last request of Beth Kramer--protect her secret child, Jess Owen.

These two characters have been a joy to work with. I love Jess's quick wit and Mitch's bravery as they try to escape the hired hitmen sent to take Jess out.

I'm really look forward to this release. It's done very well in contests, including these:
First Place Winner of Where The Magic Begins Contest sponsored by Romance Writers of America Romance Writer's Ink Chapter (2004)

Second Place (Reader vote)/Third Place (Editor Pick) in the 2005 Summer Romance Junkies contest.

Honorable Mention~Romance Writers of America Windy City's Four Seasons Awards (2004)

If y'all want to read an excerpt, you can find more here:

I can't wait to see what they'll come up with for the cover!! I'll let y'all know the details as they come up.


Faye said...

Hey Jenny!
I'm so glad to hear that Jess will be available soon--I love her!

J.R. Turner said...

Faye!!! Soooo cool that you stopped on by!! ;) I'm thrilled too--I'd forgotten what a fun read MBB was :) It seems like forever since I've worked on that manuscript, but it's getting ready to head out this weekend ;) Very cool!

And guess what???? Echelon just took Loving Lillie--and Racing the Moon. Can you believe it? :)

I'm sooooo stoked!!!
I hope that all is well at Artistic License, I've been homesick for the group. I've just had a crazy summer though. We've been traveling alot and when I'm not on the road, I'm bustin' my britches to keep up with deadlines.

Hugs to you and to little Grace as well. I read EVERY update you send :)