Friday, August 04, 2006

Last Day of My Give Away

If you don't subscribe to my newsletter, you should :) Every single newsletter has a free prize y'all can win. Check out what I offered this month--and if you hurry, you could still get a chance to win! :)

Today is the last day subscribers can receive a free Book Thong and be entered into the drawing to win an awesome pair of Readers/Writers gloves! These wonderful, fingerless gloves are hand knit by me and come in a variety of beautiful shades, yarns, and decorative finishes.

To receive your free Book Thong and be entered to win the Readers/Writers gloves send your snail mail address to by midnight tonight.

*You must be a subscriber to claim your free prize and be entered to win the gloves :)

All my best to y’all!
Jenny :)

P.S. My publisher, Echelon Press is hosting a give away at so go check it out if you’re interested!

Bulletproof Bride by J.R. Turner
Something old, something new, and a Kevlar vest too . . .
available at


Charity said...

Jenny, good to see you back online. And you're selling books like crazy. Wow! Best of luck with all the new releases.

J.R. Turner said...

Charity!! Sooo cool to *see* you again :) I thought I'd go crazy when my computer was down. I'm totally stoked to have my new Dell and to get back to the business we both love so much: writing!

Thanks soo much for stopping by! I hope that you'll drop in again from time to time. It's great to keep in touch with friends!