Saturday, August 05, 2006

WooHoo!! GREAT News!!

Echelon will be E-publishing Loving Lillie--my first ever novel, and an historical romance--AND Racing the Moon--the best book I believe I've ever written--an action thriller. (The one about werewolves in Alaska, for those of you who have been following my career. It won Thunder and Roses first chapter contest:) )

I can't believe how wonderful this year is turning out to be :) I was sort of bummed on the 1st of the year when my last years goal were all met--save one--getting an agent. My hope is that I can enter Racing the Moon in the Eppies this year (if I still qualify, I think I do, but I'll have to check) and any other contests that support e-book submissions. And then, hopefully, with a little luck (well maybe a LOT of luck) I'll be able to use that information to get an agent.

Of course since I've sent ALL my finished novels off to Echelon now, I'm definitely gonna have to buckle down and get those other books finished that I've been *dreaming* of writing!

But with my youngest starting school this fall (Major WOO HOO!!!) I should have plenty of time to hammer out those books :) And to make matters EVEN better, I'm at the stage now where I'm not struggling with the craft of writing anymore. My struggles (if you can call them struggles because they're such great FUN!) are now in the areas of story-crafting. I want my ideas to move people, to really SING on the page--and that's my new goal.

Gosh, life is GRAND!

I've got a six-day camping trip coming up in about two weeks and I can't wait to get there. Six days of nothing but scene selection, story crafting, and plotting. I hope to come home with at least one notebook full of scene outlines for my upcoming book adventures!!

2006 ROCKS! I can't wait to see what will happen next year ;)

Here are the titles Echelon will be releasing:

(Click on a title to read an excerpt)

Silent Knight
Racing the Moon
My Biker Bodyguard
Loving Lillie (excerpt coming soon!)

Ones Echelon already has released:

Stark Knight
The Knight Before
Bulletproof Bride

SEVEN titles! And no telling what I'll pull out of my sleeve next :)

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