Thursday, August 10, 2006

Writing A Bio

My wonderful, adorable, lovely and terrificly awesome publisher asked me for an 'updated' bio for my next release, "Silent Knight" coming out this fall.



Of all the things I really hate to write, this is right up there with press releases and synopses. Do y'all know how tricky it is to not come off as some pompous ass, or worse--an air head that no one would want to know, let alone buy a book from? It's difficult to be informative, yet still allow your personality to shine.

Like, should I say I'm an award winning author? (Well, of course. ) But should I say which awards so no one thinks I've been given a Pulitzer for best 'action adventure'? LOL! Or should I mention my family and location? Or should I just keep it strictly about my career?

I know as a reader I really, really enjoy two things when I read those little bios in the back of the book: finding out about the author's 'daily' life--like family, home, other interests, etc. and why they love to write, what drives their passion.

Like, did the writer start out in H.S. with comic books? Or are they coming in later to the game after a fabulous career as a CIA agent, or an international pilot, or as a supermodel?

So, when it comes to writing up my bio, I get sweaty palms, trying to figure out how much is too much, how little is too little, how much snark is too much snark--you get the picture.

Try it yourself :) See how you can distill your entire being into one paragraph while letting your personality shine through. It's tough!! Especially when you want to include loved ones who are so important to you that you would rather pluck out an eye (okay, ewww... gross, maybe just lose a tooth?) than see them suffer. Then the bio becomes about you AND all those you love, like hubby and kids ;)

All in one paragraph . . .

Isn't the power of words amazing?

Share your bio in the comments section if you feel like it ;) I'd !!!LOVE!!! to get to know y'all a little better too ;)

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