Friday, July 28, 2006

Armed Forces Emergency Services

Ever hear of it? Did you know that's a part of what the American Red Cross does for our men and women in the military? I didn't either. But once I learned about them, all I wanted to do was dig in and help. I want to do more than just slap a magnet on my car, and this is how I can do it!

First, check it out:

American Red Corss Armed Forces Emergency Services

Here's a quick summary of what the AFES does:

Prevent, Prepare for and Cope with Emergencies: Offers counseling and aid in order to deal with the long term separation in military families.

Emergency Communication: In the event of a critical accident, illness, or other emerbency, there is a whole team of volunteers standing by to find the service member and even contact his or her commanding officer to arrange leave if possible.

Health and Welfare Inquiries: For families who've lost touch with a service member, there is a worldwide communications network just waiting to give the worried family peace of mind.

Information, Referral and Advocacy: The Red Corss helps families understand government benefits, cut through the red tape, and get the help desperately needed.

Humanitarian Reassignment and Hardship Discharge: The Red Cross can counsel the family or service member on how to request a humanitarian reassignment or a hardship discharge by making clear the procedures and documentation needed.

Veterans Services: The Americna Red Cross volunteers sserve hospitalized veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers. They also help represent veterens and their families who seek compensation awards from the DVA.

Emerbency Financial Assistance: In an emergency that requires the presence of the service member or his or her family, the Red Cross may provide acces to an interest-freee loan or a grant for travel expenses.

If you ask me, that's more than enough reason to support the AFES and to get the word out about what they do. Therefore, I am donating $1.00 of every book directly purchased from me, either over the internet or at a booksigning, to the AFES.

They provide a fabulous service to our men and women in the military and their families, and an awesome opportunity to do more than wave my flag!!!

I'm very excited about this. Leave me a note and let me know what you think!!

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