Friday, June 26, 2009

Week Wrap-Up

Due to my workload I have been unable to post to the blog much this week, but I figured I'd give a little bit for each day that I missed in one quick post to get caught up ;)

Writing Wednesday:

Quick tip—look at the first few words of your sentences. Are they necessary? Could they be strengthened? Now look at the last few words of your sentences and ask yourself if the most exciting information available at that moment is placed there to hook the reader into the next paragraph.

Once you've completed your novel, go back and make sure that each scene and chapter ends with a question—not in the literal sense as actually having a sentence that ends in a question mark—but an unknown that will make the reader eager to keep going with the story.

You don't have to wait until your done with your book though—I like to end a writing day at the end of a scene/chapter so when I return to my writing, I get to craft the answer at the beginning of the following scene/chapter.

Thrilling Thursday:

Dexter on Showtime

My father said this was a great series and I should check it out. We rented the first season and have been reluctant to go to bed at a decent hour because we're totally captivated. For those of you who don't know, Dexter is a serial killer.

Raised by a cop who recognized in him the potential to murder without remorse, Dexter was trained by his foster father to blend in by mimicking feelings he didn't feel, cover his tracks for a clean crime scene, and to murder only those who deserved murdering—mostly murderers released by the overcrowded prison system.

Dexter is a blood-spatter expert working forensics. His sister is a cop, following in her father's footsteps, who has always felt ostracized by her father's lack of attention—not understanding the secret training he needed to do with Dexter.

Anyway, great series if you like dark humor and blood ;)

What about you? Got a series you're hooked on because you rented the first season (or saw it straight up?)

Friday Fun:

Since there were no entries in last week's contest, instead of offering a free book thong for leaving a comment, I'm going to challenge everyone to leave me a fun joke to spread some much-needed joy! ;)

The rules are:

The joke can't be R-rated, keep it PG17 and below or I'll have to delete it because there are teens who read my blog and I don’t want emails from angry parents!

As we did with the quotes, put each joke into a separate comment and your name will be entered that many times.

The prize:
A free writing consultation for you, or a friend, if you aren't a writer but know one. This is more than a line-by-line, it will be an in depth review about your strengths, weaknesses, and potential marketability of your writing.

So go ahead, make me laugh! :D

And don't forget, we find out what happens to poor Julie tomorrow! I think you'll enjoy this next episode immensely. I know I have!;)


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