Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thrillng Thursday: The Thrill of Victory

I’m working on a 10K Day today over at Milli Thornton’s blog: so I’m counting this as part of my 10K ;) You can join in and count your morning blog too, if you’d like!

Yesterday I wrote about how we should stop writing like writers and start writing like storytellers. In the comments section, I sort of got off on a tangent about how to do that—mentioning that great storytelling isn’t about having an idea, it’s about having something to say.

If you read the greats, you’ll notice they all strike a chord within us. That’s because they tap into what humanity is passionate about: suffering, injustice, pain, theology, triumph, struggle, love…

For me, the thrill is seeing the underdog triumph, or the heroism of those considered weak, or justice found and villainy obliterated (usually with a very nice explosion of some sort ;))

Perhaps this is why I love high action—because it has so much of those elements included—and why dramas, like The Bridges of Madison County—don’t really appeal to me as much. Julie Garwood is one of my top romance authors because her books are almost always filled with some sort of adventurous challenge for our intrepid heroines.

What about you? What “gets you where you live” and what books or movies or stories thrill you to no end?

P.S. The Saturday Serial is starting to shape up into a really fabulous story!! Go Bella Vida!! :)


Patti Stafford said...

I haven't heard of Julie Garwood, I'll have to check her out.

I'm like you, The Bridges of Madison County has never appealed to me. I like a bit of drama and action combined.

I love your 'About Me' section.

Good Luck with the 10K. I'm totally enjoying it!

Milli Thornton said...

Jenny, perfect image for this blog post! And thank you for the link to the 10K Day. You are the one who started me down that path and what a gift that was :~)


June said...

Wow! A 10K day? I've not done one of those in a while. I think I'll do one tomorrow (Saturday).

Thanks for the inspiration, Jenny!

Take care,