Monday, June 29, 2009

The Week Ahead!

Hey everyone ;)

Here's what we got coming up this week:

Talent Tuesday:

I was in touch with John Sandford's son and he gave me permission to share some of his father's new book Wicked Prey here for Talent Tuesday. I think it's going to be fun to look at the work of a prolific author with a lengthy career.

Writing Wednesday:

Suggestions? I was thinking of going with the storyteller theme, but not sure if y'all want to dig into some of the mechanics of writing. I strive to offer info that's hard to find in books and can only come from experience, but it's difficult to know what issues are pressing for you. Let me know in the comments ;)

Thrilling Thursday:

Myths, Freakshows and Urban Legends—Why? What is our fascination with anything abnormal? Some of it twisted, some of it romantic, but all throughout the history of mankind, we have always created for ourselves some kind of mythology to fear or yearn for.

Friday Fun:

Instead of the normal contest, where you have to do something in order to win, I'm going to make this one the easiest contest ever. Just follow my blog (if you already are, you're entered too!) Three winners will be drawn from those that signed up to follow and will get to choose a really fun gift from me! ;) So tell your friends and give them a chance to win too! :)

Saturday Serial: Episode #3

I am sooo looking forward to posting this one! Bella Vida has really done an awesome job with this one. I can't wait to see what everyone thinks! Click to read:

Episode#1-Fairy Flight North
Episode#2-The Rolling Trolls

See you on the blog!



Martin Bartloff said...

As for Writing Wednesday, I'd like to discuss words, phrases, doubles, cliches and such. Anything a publisher might search for in submissions that turns them off without even reading the rest of the manuscript.


J.R. Turner said...

You mean discussing how to avoid an automatic rejection based on the opening manuscript itself?

We could definitely do that :)