Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun Friday Quickie

Hey everyone!

I’m heading out of town today and won’t be back until much later. So, for today’s contest we’re going to have a little fun ;)

Recommend one new person you know to come leave a comment on my blog today. Maybe it’s an aspiring author, an avid reader, a teen who loves horror, a friend who loves romantic suspense, or someone who just likes to read new blogs :) Or, if you're a lurker who has never posted before, say hello in the comments:)

Every newbie that leaves a comment today will be sent a free book thong of their choice. Check these out as just a sampling of the many colors and styles available:

So you or a your friend gets a free gift and maybe some helpful information and fun entertainment!

Don’t forget, either that tomorrow we launch our Saturday Serial—featuring the great imagination of Bella Vida and my first-ever illustrations for a fun fantasy story.


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