Friday, April 03, 2009

New Blog Schedule

Hello everyone ;)

As many of you know, I’m under doctor’s orders to *destress my life as much as possible. This has led me on a campaign to get organized and map out my days to achieve the most productive outcomes possible.

One of those areas that’s been difficult for me is maintaining my blogs. Oh, I’ve got lots to say and lots to share and lots I want to do, but half the time I’m struggling to figure out when, what, and how I want to do all that. So, I’ve decided to create a schedule for my blogs:

Monday: Maybe—maybe not. This will be my free-for-all day in which I can post whatever is needed or wanted, but I may take a break on this day as I find Monday’s can be a bit overwhelming for me.

Tuesday: Tuesday is now Talent Tuesday. On this day I’ll be discussing other authors, what I’ve gained from reading them, or showcasing an interview with another author. (I also plan on having y’all submit questions to ask these authors.)

Wednesday: Writer Wednesday: this is the day I’ll be offering advice and tips and tricks of the trade. On this day will be the query and excerpt critiques I’ve offered in the past. (Such as the Hook Critique—first three paragraphs, etc.)

Thursday: Is now Thursday Thrills. This is where I’ll be sharing information about what I’m working on, which happens to be my YA horror Extreme Hauntings series. I will also be sharing genre-related information and updates on when books are coming out, reviews, and open calls for collaborations ;)

Friday: You guessed it: Fun Friday! From here on out, every Friday will feature a fun contest of some kind with varying degrees of prizes. From Amazon gift certificates, book thongs (of course! ;)) downloads and print books.
(I'm a day late posting here, so the contest this Friday is on my MySpace blog and you don't want to miss it! Great gift for the winner!)

Weekends will be an anything goes—socializing, chatting and all around getting to know each other ;)

I hope y’all enjoy this plan!


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Milli Thornton said...

Jenny, this is VERY motivational.

I, too, am on a quest to get reorganized now that I'm back in the "normal world" (after coming off an intense writing project wherein I neglected everything else in my life!).

I started yesterday by clearing and dusting my desk, which had turned into a quagmire. I'm now enjoying a great feeling of order and spaciousness. Visiting your blog today just gave me another huge boost of enthusiasm for getting organized. THANKS!

I'm also excited about your posting schedule and proposed themes for each day. Sounds stimulating for your lucky readers :~)

I've been blog-hopping lately, but this inspires me to visit your blog daily during my coffee time to see what you're up to next.

Hopefully, watching you will also inspire me to post more regularly on my own blogs.

Go, Jenny!