Friday, April 10, 2009

Thrashing Friday Fun!

Good Morning Everyone! :)

I have an AWESOME contest this week! You'll want to spread the word over the weekend so everyone has a chance to win.

Here are the rules: Find home videos of the sickest, most crazy skateboarding moments you can and post the link here in the comments. Your own videos, home movies of your friends or family, or any internet video that you can find that shows someone either wiping out, or blowing everyone away--doesn't matter. The one that makes me and the family here go "HOLY COW!" loudest wins! :)

You have until Monday morning when I make the announcement to spread the word and get everyone in on this fantastic contest :)

What are the prizes? Well, take a look!

A Tony Hawk skull shirt (sizes S-XXL)


Tony Hawk's Autobiography--purchased from Tony Hawk's Official Site which will enter you into his monthly contest to WIN an autographed Tony Hawk skateboard deck!

Even if you're not a skater, if you know a person who is, or who would love to have the shirt, the book and a chance to win the deck, take a few minutes and submit a link to a thrashin' video!

I look forward to watching all those great stunts!


1 comment:

norm said...

I don't have an videos, but yesterday my teen daughter and I were in a store and there were some miniature skateboards with stickers, extra wheels and a bunch of other stuff.

She said that some kids can do the same tricks with their fingers on the skateboards that they can do with real ones.