Saturday, April 04, 2009

And the Winner is....

Shredder!! :) Head over to Michael's MySpace profile and congratulate him, if you wish :)

This is a free for all Saturday and I thought it would be great to open up the blog for everyone to share what they're reading today :)

Today, I'm actually re-reading a favorite of mine. "Justice Incarnate" by Regan Black. This was the first Echelon full-length book I read in print and I was blown away by the story. It's an absolutely intriguing tale about a woman, Jaden Michaels, who's been reincarnated time and again to slay a demon, or face dying a horrible death--which has happened for the century she's been trying to kill him.

What I really, really loved about this book was how real Regan Black made the year 2096 for me. Not just the technology, but the differences in the societal norms between my time and this future. This, I think, was the first 'awakening' I had an as author to the possibilities of creating a believable universe. Not because I hadn't read other books that do the same thing, but because this combined everything I love about fiction--and I read it at a time when I was deeply consumed with the study of the craft. At this point, I was working so hard to make every detail of my books be absolutely accurate--the idea that I could change that reality in the way Black did, was something I found thrilling.

Aside from that, though, all by itself it's an awesome read! :)

I'm nearly finished with this book (and loving it all over again) and have two other books waiting in the wings. Invasion of Justice, the second book in the Shadows of Justice series from Regan Black, and Immortal Bride by Lisa Childs, a book in the Nocturne line by Silhouette. (Here's the trailer.) I'm intrigued by this paranormal romance category and wonder if I might try my hand at putting my old favorite (romance) together with my newly discovered passion (paranormal) somewhere down the road.

Okay, so what are you reading? If you're not reading today, or between books, what would you like to be reading now? Maybe your interest will be a book someone else has read and they can let you know if the book did or didn't live up to its hype ;)

Enjoy your Saturday and be thankfurl Birds Don't Read!! :)

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