Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome Marvin Wilson!

Hi everyone!

Today I’m dedicating my blog to Marvin Wilson, author of Beware the Devil’s Hug. This is an interesting book getting some very interesting reviews! Check it out:

What if a homeless, smelly, ugly, unkempt old man had a hug so powerful it could cure cancer? Cause a prostitute to stop hooking and seek true love? Shake the demons of addiction free from a junkie? Make a radical terrorist Muslim want to befriend and love a Christian and visa versa? But rare is the beneficiary of his divine embrace--nobody wants to come near him out of fear.

Beware the Devil's Hug is available on and also directly from the publisher, All Things That Matter Press, at:

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“Beware the Devil’s Hug introduces readers to a mishmash of deftly-drawn, misguided characters who are prone to bad decisions and worse circumstances. But as one homeless man proves, things are not always what they seem. This book is part-magical realism, part-spirituality and part-social commentary; and remarkably, Wilson’s cornucopia works harmoniously to create an utterly engrossing and enlightening story.”~ Jen Knox, author of Musical Chairs (a memoir), and the forthcoming novel, Absurd Hunger

“Marvin D. Wilson has created an intriguing allegory centered around a Christ-like figure who, despite his abilities to heal and forgive, is much more human than divine. Beware the Devil’s Hug is sometimes irreverent, sometimes uplifting, but always a fascinating read.”~ Steve Lindahl, author of A Motherless Soul

“This is a journey of awe and inspiration! Marvin Wilson has penned an intriguing and imaginative tale. Beware the Devil's Hug is part parable, part allegory, and it brilliantly calls into question one's truth, faith, and essentially one's personal belief system in an often jaded world. Beware the Devil's Hug will surprise, mesmerize and challenge one's precepts in ways that many of us just might need to be challenged.”~ L.M. Ross Author of Manhood and Like Litter In the Wind

Marvin D. Wilson has a widely varied and rich life experience background-from Hippie Rock and Roll musician, to nightclub entertainer, to Zen Buddhist minister, to carpenter, to small business owner, to network marketer, to sales and sales training, to skilled trades instructor and adult education teacher, to public speaker and motivational coach, to now in his chosen “golden years” career, a writer and multi-published author with the self-proclaimed, “audacity to write novels.”

Wilson describes his spiritual path as one who is a non-religious, dogma-free, maverick spiritualist Christian, with a strong bent toward Zen, Taoism, and the Law of Attraction, and who believes in the Oneness of all creation and all paths leading to re-awakening to the On e. He is a family man with three grown children and six grandchildren, and works with his son and oldest daughter in their organic compost and vegetable farming business when not writing, traveling, and marketing his books.

Marvin writes primarily in the spiritual/inspirational genre, but likes to pen “cross-over” novels that appeal to a wide variety of readers. His books are uplifting, sometimes weighty, oftentimes humorous, abidingly thought-provoking, meant to instill and create passion and emotion, more than occasionally provocative to the point of controversial, and always “tell it like it is”, real world, no punches pulled writing. He likes to deliver spiritual messages in a non-preachy, often irreverent, sometimes sexy and ribald way, through the medium of an entertaining story.

Thanks so much to Marvin for visiting my blog this month! To find out about other publications and make friends with Marvin online, visit these links:



The Old Silly said...

Hey Jenny - just stopped in early to say "Thanks!" for doing such a nice job on this feature post. Much appreciated!

I'll stop back in later to respond to any comments left ...

Marvin D Wilson

Nancy Famolari said...

Marvin's book sounds very interesting. I've been reading about the problems of homeless people. This sounds like another good thing to look at.

Arlee Bird said...

I've read and reviewed both this book and Owen Fiddler (I just love that title/name)--they are interesting and controversial reads. Marvin's writing is superb--flowing and fun to read. ...Hug would be a good book to read with others since I think it could do well to stimulate a lot of thoughtful discussion.

Tossing It Out

The Old Silly said...

Nancy - Hugs was inspired by observing a homeless man begging on a busy street corner one day. No one would look him in the eye - even those who tossed $ in his can shunned him. And I just wondered ... "What if ...?"

Arlee - Good to see you here, friend. Interesting your comment about Hugs being a discussion-generating book for a group read - I think you're right. Actually, Owen Fiddler might do well in that setting, too. Thanks again for your support, reviews, and your comment today!

Marvin D Wilson

Magdalena Ball said...

Marvin, your new book sounds fascinating - I love the premise, and particularly the notion of "deftly-drawn, misguided characters who are prone to bad decisions and worse circumstances."

Karen Cioffi said...

I agree with Maggie.
Marvin, your books sound very interesting and insightful.

Dallas said...

What a wonderful post! Loved the book trailer, Marvin! :)

The Old Silly said...

Mags - thanks for the like! ;)

Karen - Appreciate the interest!

Dallas - Thanks, I made it myself, easy to do with - I highly recommend it!

Heidiwriter said...

What if? is always a great question for a writer to ask! Your book sounds wonderful, Marvin. I'm looking forward to reading it!

kathy stemke said...

I, too, love the theme of this book! Way to go Marvin!

Martha said...

The books sounds very interesting.
Good luck

The Old Silly said...

Thanks, Heidi - I look forward to your feedback after reading Hugs! And yes, when you get hit with one of those "What if's" it's an epiphany that definitely stimulates the muse, hmm?

Kathy and Martha - Thank you, much appreciated! :)

Marvin D Wilson

J.R. Turner said...

Hi Marvin!

Just wanted to let you know I've been down with an infection and was out of town yesterday, but I've totally enjoyed having you on my blog! So great to see you here and the post only looks awesome because there's such great content!!


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Jenny .. good to see Marvin here .. I loved the trailer - I hadn't seen that before ..

In this day and age - Marvin's book certainly seems like one we should be reading to learn more about many sides of life ..

Great review and and I like Arlee's comment .. it's on my TBR pile for now ..

Have good weeks .. Hilary