Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Tour Galore! :)

Let's see where we are with the contests and stuff :)

2/7: Simply Megan Winners: Lisa Potts and Aleetha

2/9: Karen Syed-Publisher blog Winner: Reggie Ridgway

2/11: Sean Hayden-Author Blog Winner: Pam Ripling

2/14: Chris Redding-Author Blog: One week left to enter!

2/15: Paranormal Indulgence: Awesome ongoing contest and give away!

2/17: The Subtle Chronicler Winner: Leonor!

2/18: Sarah’s Random Musings: Contest ends Monday!

2/19: Jen Wylie-Author Blog: Contest ends Monday!

2/21: Teens Read and Write: Contest ends March 6th

2/22: The Tales Compendium: Contest ends Friday, 25th--leave a comment to win!

2/23: Tea Mouse: Contest ends Sunday, 27th--leave a comment to win!

Lots of very cool things to win--including books, ebooks, and book thongs. To be entered into the contest is simple: click a link where a winner hasn't been chosen yet and leave a comment.

Looking forward to seeing y'all on my tour!



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