Friday, November 05, 2010

An Explanation...

In 2005, Echelon Press published my first book, Stark Knight. Before I was published, I'd written Loving Lillie, Bulletproof Bride, and My Biker Bodyguard as well. Today, I had to put together some information for record-keeping on all the titles I've had published since then. Aside from two of the three I mentioned were written before my first book came out, there are nine other titles Echelon has acquired from me. That's 12 in total. Holy Writing Frenzy Batman! :)

So here they are, in the order they were written, followed by the order they were or will be published:

1) Loving Lillie--never
2) Bulletproof Bride--2nd
3) Stark Knight--1st
4) My Biker Bodyguard--3rd
5) Racing the Moon--10th or 11th
6) Silent Knight--4th
7) The Knight Before (short epilogue to the series)--5th
8) Good Knight--6th
9) DFF: Dead Friends Forever--7th
10) School's Out 4-Ever--8th
11) Redemption--10th or 11th
12) Still Life in Death--12th
13) Detour 2 Death--9th

Now all I have to do is finish my half-completed books: Face the Dark, Born to Run, and Driven to Love. Oh, and there's the series I outlined for the Lockwood Legacy, about 5 sisters who, when they hit puberty, discover they're witches. Their father is a traveling antique's collector and evil beings are always trying to murder, maim, or otherwise harm the girls through cursed objects. Sort of Little Women meets The Craft. Then there's the one I've fully researched, temporarily titled "Lucy Book" about psychic twins, remote viewing, and nanotechnology. So that's what--3 half-completed, 5 outlined, and 1 researched. And we need to add the last 3 in the Extreme Hauntings series--which brings me to a grand total:

12 more books.

Wow. By the time I'm done (five years from now? LOL?) I'll have 25 books published. (Well, 24, because The Knight Before is really a short story.)

So now you know why writers get a funny look on their face when someone says, "Hey, you're a writer. I've got this really cool idea for you...."



Author Guy said...

Which one of these is the next DFF book? Waiting.


Marc Vun Kannon

J.R. Turner said...

Detour 2 Death! :) I'm finishing it up now as part of Nano ;)

Thanks bunches for being so patient ;)

Christy said...

This is amazing when you think about it. Time flies faster than we think. I remember when you were writing Loving Lillie. The character got stuck in my head when I read an excerpt and I think about her from time to time. I hope Loving Lillie gets published one day. In the meantime, I await the remaining books to be published and am really looking forward to reading Redemption. :)

J.R. Turner said...

Christy! I can't believe you remember Loving Lillie--how cool! :) That was over ten years ago that I started that book. That's a huge compliment ;) Thank you!

I can't wait for Redemption to come out either. I think it's one readers will really love ;)