Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Snowing here...

This is a picture of Molly Eddie took in '08, but I think she's a doll, so I used this one :) I'm writing today, listening to some great music, and having some wonderful coffee. I'm expecting to have a great day that ends with Dexter and The Walking Dead. Very cool! :)

5 Fun but True things about me:

1) I heard over the phone that a friend's grandchildren had head lice. Over the phone, mind you, and I've been lucky enough to have never had head lice, but now my head itches.

2) I love a slice of white bread folded over peanutbutter and a tall glass of ice cold milk with my spaghetti far more than I like garlic bread.

3) I don't like buffets because I feel strange carrying my plate through a room full of strangers.

4) I love the smell of Elmers glue and crayons--they remind me of my childhood.

5) When I was young, we were so poor I used to wear bread bags over my socks to keep them dry inside my boots because they weren't "snow proof."

So that's 5 fun facts about me ;) What about you? Any quirks or situations you want to confess to?



Sue said...

Hey, I used the plastic bag trick years ago when I was working on horse farms back in Pennsylvania. It really did make a difference for keeping my feet warmer on those really cold and raw winter days. :)

Christy said...

Some days I miss the snow! But today here in the Phoenix area, it's a cool 56 degrees and climbing. It promises to be a beautiful day in the low 70's and I'll be meeting my Bookcrossing friends at an outdoor cafe to talk about the books we've been reading this month.

By the way, I have that same uncomfortable feeling about buffets and walking through a crowd of people with my plate of food. I prefer a sit down restaurant where I order off a menu that I hold in my hands. I'm not fond of buffets, cafeterias, or delicatessens. It doesn't mean I don't eat at those places, heck, I'm going to a cafe today where they only have counter service, and I know I will enjoy it. I just would rather be served than stand in line and walk around with my food. It's so much more comfortable.

Oh and my confession? I snore. Loudly. I snore so loud that I have been recorded doing so and awakened to the pure joy of having the recording played back for me so that I get to hear the delightful sounds of my own snoring. At first I didn't believe it, but I have since come to accept it as a particular quirk of mine. :)

Christy said...

Wow - that wan't a comment. it was a blog post.

J.R. Turner said...

Sue, it did help to keep them warm, too! :) I'd forgotten that part. I just remember trying to take the bag and the boot off at the same time so I wouldn't walk on wet floors with a foot covered in slippery plastic :)

And Christy, that wasn't a blog post--that was an AWESOME post! Lol ;) Glad I'm not alone about the buffet thing. I'm with you, if I'm going inside a restaurant, I prefer just relaxing than having to juggle my purse, kids, who finishes first and who will be whiny while they wait--on top of disliking the walk through.

I hope you have a fabulous time at your Bookcrossing get together. That sounds like a great way to spend a beautiful day!


Christy said...

Thanks Jenny! And FYI I went ahead and posted my long winded response on my blog. Thanks for the writing prompt! :)

June said...

Love the last one as it reminded me of my mom using rubber bands to put plastic bags over our gloves (yes, they probably had holes in them) to protect us from getting wet in the winter.

What wonderful memories!

Thanks for sharing your list with us, Jenny.


Anonymous said...

All well and in the case. Well written, thank you.