Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Freeing Myself: TV, Movies, and More

What the heck is wrong with me? I have this weird notion that because I'm a writer and an avid reader, that somehow blogging about movies is a big no-no. What's up with that? This is my darn blog, I should blog about what excites me. I love movies and television (my all time favorite is Supernatural) and music and there ain't nuthin' wrong with that!

So today, I'm gonna start writing about the stuff I'm interested in beyond just what's going on in my writing world—because seriously, who wants to "talk shop" all the time?

First off, I better tell you I have very low-brow tastes when it comes to movies and television. I'm a HUGE horror fan and I don't care what anyone says, I think AMC's new series "The Walking Dead" is awesome. Seriously, who would rather be watching the news (much more horrifying than fiction) or reruns of Bones (and I really like Bones!) I'm enjoying the heck out of this series. SPOILER ALERT: When they walked down the middle of the street covered in guts? I sure as heck wasn't thinking about channel surfing.

Tonight—my program choices are the finale of the Bad Girl's Club (can't wait to see which two roomies show up—and I hope that sneaky Ashley gets the brunt of it all) and the premiere of The Fashion Show with Iman—who sounds like she's going to be as tough and opinionated on the show as she's been in the past.

As far as movies go—I watched Predators last night and thought it was really cool. At first I was like, "The Pianist is gonna play Arnie's role? Huh? Who cast this thing?" But he quickly won me over, as all great actors do! There's a spoiler coming up here, so if you haven't seen the movie yet, don't read the next paragraph:

The part where Adrien Brody's character Royce turns the chameleon trick back on the alien predator by using fire to mask his body heat was truly exciting for both it's action and the intelligence behind that action. Way to go script writers—whoever you may be!

Okay, I'll be blogging about a lot of different stuff from now on. Funny how we don't realize the constraints we put on ourselves sometimes, isn't it?


Author Guy said...

More of a Chuck fan over here, but I'm discovering new shows. I caught a little No Ordinary Family, and I like Castle (hey, I'm a writer too) even though it's on too late. In fact I'm going to go and watch some Burn Notice eps on DVD right about...now.

Marc Vun Kannon

J.R. Turner said...

Marc! You and I definitely have different tastes :)

I love Dexter, Weeds, and True Blood as well. But reality TV is really my downfall:
Top Chef
Project Runway
Real World/Fresh Meat/Challenges, etc.
Bad Girls Club
Hell's Kitchen
America's Next Top Model
Next Food Network Star
Next Design Star
The Apprentice
Gosh--there are so many others! Thank goodness for "on demand" or I wouldn't be able to keep up with them all ;)

Thanks so much for chiming in! :)

Christy said...

Oh my gosh, I am really enjoying the new AMC Series Walking Dead too! It is rather gross as I "eww"ed all through last night's episode along with the characters who were standing around watching Officer Rick Grimes doing the dissecting with an ax. I don't think I could have worn the guts and blood so well.

I'm glad you've discovered the freedom to express yourself outside of shop-talk. I think what you share is quite interesting. I remember you shared early on - was it on this blog? - about the Winchester brothers in Supernatural, which peaked my interest and got me started watching the show. So in my subjective view, It's a good thing when you share. :)

J.R. Turner said...

Oh Christy, it's always so awesome to hear from you. It always brightens my day!

Yeah, I'm thinking if I'm having fun, chances are far greater that my readers will too. Thanks tons, always, for your support ;)


June said...

I think we, as writers, can learn much from movies and TV. Even my current UCLA instructor, literary agent, Lisa Cron, has us watching and discussing movies.

Go for it, Jenny! I'd love to see this as a regular feature.


June said...

Oh - forgot...What I'm currently liking:

TV: The Big C, Dexter, True Blood

Movies: Shakespeare in Love, Julia and Julie, and anything Jane Austen

I also like horror movies, but haven't seen one in a while.

J.R. Turner said...

June, I really enjoyed The Crazies for a more recent horror movie. There were so many wonderful looking ones out in October but I was too sick to go see anything--so now I've got a lovely long winter of DVD's I want to see:) Can't wait for them to come out!

Thanks bunches for commenting! :)