Friday, May 29, 2009

Vote For Your Favorite Saturday Serial! :)

Good Morning Everyone! :)

Below are the entries for the Saturday Serial Contest. Vote which one you'd most like to read!

Entry #1:

Proposed Title: Terminal Jack

Genre: Sci-fi/thriller/horror

Time Period: Near future

Main Character: Graham Black, homicide detective transferred to the Cyber-Ops Division, The unit designed to handle crimes involving cyborgs and cyber criminals.

Villain: Jack Janczek, a psychopath who is caught when his is nearly killed in a shootout with police. In order to serve out his sentence, he is fitted with a total body prosthetic, and is to be “re-programmed” via cyber link via a downloaded program. He discovers the ability to overwrite the programming, and can connect with anyone neuro-jacked directly into the net.

What’s at stake: How do you catch a serial killer who is still in prison, and can “be” anyone, anywhere, at any time?

Entry #2:

Proposed Title: Sin Eater

Genre: Horror/Fantasy

Time Period: Modern

Main Character: Mary Margaret, ex-nun and one of the rare breed of Sin Eaters, whose job it is to save human souls from the demons, but can she handle a full-scale invasion like the world has never seen?

Villain: Asmodeus, Lord of the Demons (and his horde of demons), bent on collecting the soul of every human on earth and becoming the Dark Ruler of Mankind

What’s at stake: The souls of mankind and the fate of the Earth

Entry #3:

Proposed Title: Letters to the 5th Direction

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror

Time Period: now

Main Character: Juliana
Juliana’s a 12 year old girl who has just inherited a trunk from her beloved grandmother’s abandoned attic. Among old photos and embroidery appears a box of letters her grandmother wrote to Juliana before passing. While reading the letters Juliana accidentally opens the 5th Direction, the super highway to other worlds.

Villain: Murcielaga
Created during the era of the first humans, Murcielaga, is one of the oldest banished creatures. She resides in the world where imaginary beings are kept so as not to harm humans.

What’s at stake: Murcielaga is angry she has been banished for so long. She is deploying her henchmen by the dozens through the 5th Direction into other worlds to create havoc. As revenge she is erasing and controlling people’s memories once she sneaks into their imagination. The history of the human race is about to be lost forever.
Each week we read another letter that leads our heroine into and out of peril. To further complicate the situation, her grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s causing clues to be out of order, have mixed up names and clues written in different languages.


Proposed Title: Dance with the Devil

Genre: horror

Time Period: Modern Day

Main Character: Marlene Andrews has always wanted more than she had. When her husband loses his job as a college Professor, she takes a walk and finds her dream house. A gothic mansion made of gray stone. When she is invited in, Marlene gets more than she bargained for.

Villian: The devil is intent on getting Marlene's baby to raise as his own son and inherit his abilities to trick people.

What's at stake: Marlene’s baby, raised as the son of the devil, could change the balance of good and evil in the world. When Marlene Andrews doesn’t fulfill her part of the bargain. The world becomes darker than it ever has, greed feeds and grows with the evil presence.

Entry #5:

Proposed Title: Blood Moon

Genre: Supernatural/Alternative Earth

Time Period: Modern

Main Character: Cascade, a twelve year old girl on the verge of puberty, discovers that she’s not who she thought she was. She’s not human. Can she survive the “change” without becoming a dreaded Ka-Ghawze (a blood-seeking non-human vampire) or can she overcome her blood-thirst to become one of the Ghawze (one who lives on human energy without killing)? Will she find her uncle McKay, a Ghawze scientist, in time to save herself and possibly the world?

Villain: Dillon, the leader of a group of Ka-Ghawze and Vazpa (humans that the Ka-Ghawze have turned into vampires), works to get Cascade to turn vampire and to help him defeat the Ghawze (who have co-existed with humans for centuries, helping the humans along the way).

What’s at stake: Cascade’s life and those around her, and ultimately, the fate of the world for both human and Ghawze.

Entry #6:

Title: Hannibal Fairfield

Genre: Drama

Time Period: 1860's Civil War era

Main Character: Hannibal, a 14 year old boy from Arkansas during the civil war era. Recently orphaned, Hannibal has a secret, he's really a girl: Hannah Eleanor Fairfield. Upon her mother's death, Hannah changes her appearance to that of a boy and changes her name to Hannibal. Hannibal tries to join up with the Rebel army.

Villain: Sgt. McNeil of the army of thinks he may know Hannibal's secret and tries to get Hannibal expose it at every opportunity.

What's at Stake: If Hannibal's secret is exposed, Hannibal will no longer get to live as a boy and will be sent to live with strangers. She will lose her freedom.

Entry #7:

Proposed Title: None

Genre-Romantic suspense

Time period-modern

Main character: Kathi Ann, a feisty trial lawyer and single mother of six year old Michael. Dark secrets come to the surface and a shocking truth is about to explode.

Villian: Charles Jackson has always had a thing for Kathi. He has been burned once by her, but this time it won’t happen. He’s been waiting for the proper moment to set things straight.

What’s at stake: Kathi Ann's dark secrets could be fatal to her and her son, Michael. She can trust no one, not even Miki Bronson.

Her ex, police lieutenant, Miki Bronson shows up at her door demanding custody of her son. Michael age six is kidnapped. Was it her ex or some other evil at force? Kathi doesn’t know who to turn to when her life is turned into a nightmare.

Entry #8:

Possible Title: Erma's Fetish

Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Suspense, Humor

Time Period: Present

Main Characters: Erma and Clyde Piper

Villain: Sheriff Scotts

What's at stake: Erma's life for excitment, Clyde's mental health, safety of neighborhood's outside possessions.
The old couple steal lawn decorations and such from neighbors at night for excitement.

Post the number of the entry and the title of that entry you most would like to see turned into a Saturday Serial. Spread the word and get your friends to vote too! The more the merrier :)



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Nick Valentino said...

My vote is for #3
Letters to the 5th Direction

This sounds awesome because you could explore all types of "make believe" creatures and lore. One week you could have a twisted tooth fairy, and the next week you could have the Jersey Devil... It could go on forever. Perfect!

Hydra M. Star said...

My vote is for #3, Letters to the 5th Direction.

The others are all okay, but this one seems like the most original idea.

Manuel said...

My vote goes to #3.
Letters to the 5th direction.
Very original idea and the possibilities of a world birthed from the human imagination are endless. I love the idea of a creepy psychological series out of that! Got my interest!

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Anonymous said...

I vote for #3...this is something I would definetely want to read. It allows for alot of imagination and you can take this story in so many directions. Mari

Anonymous said...

I vote for Entry #3, Letters to the 5th Direction. Can have tons of sequels and prequels! Hopefully they can add some romance in it too!

NBB said...

I cannot decide between #1 and #3...

I'll say... #1

Mary Cunningham said...

I vote for # 3 since I'm partial to 12-year-old characters and attic trunks! :>)

Sounds intriquing and brings up tons of ideas.


ghostposts said...

definately #8: Erma's Fetish

because everyone needs a good fetish once a week

Paulette G. said...

You vote for Entry #3, Letters to the 5th Direction.

This sounds like an interesting idea... different from the others and I can see how there is a distinctive beginning, middle and end to each week's episode.

jtsm2 said...

My vote is for #3
Letters to the 5th Direction.

This sounds like a great book that will be able to catch and hold your attention throughout the story telling experience

grineheart said...

Absolutely Entry #3!!! Letters to the 5th Direction. This writer needs the opportunity expand her imagination and refine her talents under the guidance of a skilled artist.

Chris Verstraete said...

I like #3 also.. something about past and present meeting...

Anonymous said...


Alyssa Montgomery said...

My vote's for #1 - Terminal Jack.

Sue said...

Chalk up a vote for #2. I can see I've already lost, but it's an interesting concept. :)

Dawn said...

HI Jenny

Interesting stories. I am not a huge fan of horror. I liked #3- Letters from the 5th Direction and the story about the girl in the civil war- forgot the number

Take care

Anonymous said...


Difficult decision, but I vote for number two.

Anonymous said...

I vote for subscriber #3!!!!!