Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thrilling Thursday at the Theater!

Good Morning everyone! :)

I thought we'd leave the library this morning and head on down to the theater :)

I'm a HUGE movie fan and I don't talk about it much here. But since I'm just THRILLED with what's coming out at this year at the theaters, I figured it would be very cool to do a blog about this for Thrilling Thursday! :)

Here's Numero Uno:

"Fate rarely calls on us in a moment of our choosing." Awesome! I can't wait to see this!!!

This one they've disabled the embedding for, sorry!

Darker than my first pick, but still a must-see for me as I'm a fan of the first three movies!! ;)

Okay, I know this one is out already, but how can a girl resist Huge Ackman...oops, I mean Hugh Jackman :)

And last but nowhere near least: Mila Jovavich has signed up to do Resident Evil 4! Yay!! :)

There are TONS more that are coming out, but I want to hear what you're thrilled to be seeing next! :)


P.S. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what Vin Diesel said:

"Good question. Maybe we’re too tight-lipped about the next Chronicles of Riddick film, and I think circa the release of [Dark Athena] that’s probably when you’ll start hearing more about the next Riddick film. It is underway and I almost think it’s a coincidence that we haven’t heard anything, that there hasn’t been a lot of public stuff on the Riddick movie."

*Snoopy Dancin!* Yeah, baby! Riddick is BACK!!!!!!!

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