Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Help! I need a title...

I've been playing with this for a while now, and I'm truly stuck. I don't know what would be a good title for the first book in my Extreme Haunting series. So, let me tell you a little about the story and see if you can help me out:

Kaylee Hensler is a 14 yr.old athletic skater girl living in the fictional town of Marsden, WI. She's on the swim and soccer teams at her school--but she's also discovered that the spooky house the kids are all afraid of is really haunted.

Not only is the Larson house haunted, but this dead girl has started stalking her! She shows up at Kaylee's school, bedroom, and even bathroom. Now there's a second spirit--one much more freaky and frightening coming after them both! Davey, Kaylee's best friend, helps her solve the mystery about this girl's death and why her spirit hasn't moved on.

Not to mention, Kaylee has a swim meet coming up, and then there's the Harvest Dance at school and the worry she won't have a date, let alone what she'll actually look like wearing a dress.

So--here are a few titles I've rejected:
(All of them will include this subtitle: Extreme Haunting #1)

Skate or Die!
Haunting Kaylee
Death House
One Freaky False
Something Wicked in Marsden
The Ghost and the Ghoul
Phantom House

Okay, so now I'm wide open for suggestions! If I choose yours, I will include your name in the acknowledgements of the book :)

Thanks bunches for all your help!



gayle carline said...

Jenny - even tho you describe Kaylee as a skater, what struck me about the rest of the synopsis was the upcoming swim meet. So, here's my two cents:
1. Swimming in Fear
2. Dead Girl's Float

Or, to take advantage of texting, how about Best (Dead) Friends Forever?

J.R. Turner said...

Oh! I like that last one, just altered slightly:

Extreme Haunting #1
Dead Friends Forever

Very cool!

Thanks so much! I'll let you know if it becomes "official" :)


June said...

Hi Jenny,

Here’s some ideas:

Beyond the Night
Ghost of Larson House
Between Hell and Ice
Dead Ice
Ice and Brimstone
A Little Fear Between Friends
What’s a Ghost to Do?
This Little Ghost Makes Two
The Spirits of Larson House
The Spirits of Marsden

Have fun!

Take care,

P June Diehl

June said...

Me again...When you said "skater girl" I'm thinking "ice skater!"

So I read more of you blog...and see that she's a skateboarder...

so here's a few more:

Wheels of Wraith
Dash of Danger
Wheels of Fire & Ice
Trace of a Shadow
Chimera Chaser

Take care,

Toni LoTempio, Author said...

Skating, Swimming and Spirits

J.R. Turner said...

Gayle! DFF won!! My publisher wrote; "LOVE IT" just like that, in all caps!! ;)

Thought you'd like to know your name will be in the acknowledgements :)