Saturday, August 02, 2008

2 Links 4 U 2Day!

Okay, y'all are getting a quicky post this morning ;) One link is ultra cool and fun, the other is ultra cool and serious:

1) Pandora Radio: I listen to this while I'm writing. It's the neatest radio on the internet that I've found. When Radio Blog went belly up, I had to find somewhere else to hang my headphones. What's cool about it:

*You get to choose what sort of music you want to listen to by picking a band or a song. Pandora than matches that musical quality (harmonies, melodies, instruments, etc.) to other songs by other artists and plays them for you.
*If you absolutely hate a song, you can give it a thumbs-down and it won't play again.
*If you absolutely love a song, you can give it a thumbs-up and they'll play it again.
*If you just don't 'feel' like listening to a song (maybe it's the wrong tempo for your mood) but you don't want to send it to the abyss, you can click a 'pass' button and it'll move onto the next song.

Pandora creates "stations" for you this way. Some of my stations are: Lynard Skynard, Rolling Stones, Kid Rock, Sublime and Green Day. I'm enjoying all of them! ;)

2) This is a serious link that I think needs to be read at least once, if not twice. I'm a BIG fan of Tim Wise and really love his essays on race relations in the U.S. I think it's important that his careful research and well-sourced documentation within his essays be shared as widely as possible. So, thanks Tim Wise, for another great essay, this one on the discrepancies between flood victims:

Adding Insult to Injury:
Race, Disaster and the Calculus of Comparative Suffering
By Tim Wise

You'll be glad you read it!

Okay, my goal today is to finish chapter seven today and begin chapter eight--which will put me at the halfway mark to completing this novel. I'm still playing with a title...


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