Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Review for My Biker Bodyguard!!

Woo Hoo! My first review for My Biker Bodyguard came today!

Check it out:

Dirty Dan–owner of a tattoo parlor/motorcycle repair shop–is protective of his daughter, Jess Owen. He shields her from the bikers who’d love to date her and from a secret about her estranged mother. When Mitch Conner is invited to stay at Dan and Jess’s home, she has no idea the “Hunk-o-rama” arrived to act as her bodyguard. Someone wants Jess killed–thanks to that secret. Bullets from the bad guys fly toward Jess at a local George Webb, where it’s hard to tell who bodyguards whom. To Mitch’s surprise–and relief–Jess proves a dead shot with a pistol. But the danger is too great in Milwaukee. Dirty Dan allows Mitch to take Jess her mother’s home in Los Angeles. Freed from her dad’s watchful eye, romance blossoms between Jess and Mitch–that is, when they’re not skirting the danger that continues to surround her.

Turner’s slam-bam writing style perfectly suits this action filled romance. She nails the outlaw biker lifestyle and shows the subcultures softer side by allowing us to understand that, no matter how roughhewn, it’s a rare biker who doesn’t possess a fierce love for their family. And Turner heats the romance aspect until it boils over with passion.

~Pat Fitgerald, reviewer for The Creativity Connection

I'm totally excited ;)Let me know what you think!

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