Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Art of Styling Sentences

As a writer, it's important to switch things up and make them interesting, so when I stumbled upon a book at my library titled "The Art of Styling Sentences" by Waddell, I was immediately intrigued. (Not to mention that for a decade before I became an author, I was a contract artist and that title just intrigued me to no end!)

So, I took copious notes and filled a good portion of my spiral bound notebook with different ways one could put a sentence together. Shortly afterward, though, I got hung up on other factors of the craft of writing that needed my dire attention and there my notes sat, all this time--probably about three years.

Now I'm dusting it off and am going to start using these exercises as fun contests for the readers of my blogs. I'm going to add a "Contest Library" page to my website in the next few days. I have a big box overflowing with different (mostly used) writing books I've picked up over the years and no longer have a need for. I also have tons of books that I get from conferences and such for free that I'll be offering for readers who may not be interested in writing so much.

My plan is: I'll have everyone attempt to write the best, most compelling sentence they can, in the style offered, and then choose a winner to pick a book from the "Contest Library" and I'll send it to them :) So keep an eye out for this fun event, and give me any pointers, thoughts, ideas you might have to make it a ton of fun!


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Good brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.