Thursday, April 21, 2011

Idiots--Just Tired of Them

Don't you just hate it when people take things you say out of context or twist them around to have entirely different meanings--then go on a rampage half-cocked without the facts? Setting them straight just turns you into their target, right? There seems to be so much of this going on lately. People are going ballistic over the smallest things.

I spend most of my time around writers, readers, and publishing industry pros. We are definitely not free of this sort of behavior. In some cases, I think it's worse among us. Take for instance John Cusack who was lambasted for spelling and typing errors on Twitter. (I know, I know, old news, but it's a perfect example.) As an editor, I know the importance of getting it right--but come on folks! That's like bitching at a ballerina because she doesn't know how to play poker. Hello? John Cusack is not a flippin' writer--he's an actor, okay?

When did we all seem to lose our compassion, our sense of humor, our collective good will toward our fellow writer? Are times so tough out there economically we have to stoop to cutting each others throats to get ahead instead of relying on merit?

So lets show a little tact out there. Make sure the battle you're fighting is worth fighting, and make sure the hill you're fighting on is the one you want to die on. Beyond that, just be flippin' kind to each other and to the non-writers out there who only want to communicate and share their experiences. Maybe we all need a little Bobby back in our lives: Don't Worry, Be Happy! :)

Okay, this concludes this public service announcement. :)

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Author Guy said...

Complaining about John Cusack? What?

"Lloyd Dobler. Far out."