Sunday, April 17, 2011

Been a While

(Aunt Christy, me, and Grandma Robin~
aren't they awesome?! :) )

For me, there is nothing worse than being stuck on a plot line you have no clue about. I've been buried under a plot that didn't want to go anywhere. I wrote 500 words for every 400 I deleted for a week. I still didn't know what was going on with the plot until today when I wrote the final pages. Isn't that crazy? Short story writing isn't as easy as this novelist thought it would be.

My biggest problem was trying to conform to the mini-synopsis I wrote months and months ago. I had a whole different plot outlined than I used, and I didn't use the one I had because the premise was weak. I needed something much stronger and something far less character driven. In a short story there's only room for one or the other--character driven plot, or action driven plot. Since my target reader is 10 years old--I needed the action driven plot, but I was only getting the characters inner thoughts. Not much fun to read about a bunch of characters standing around contemplating the nuances of life!

Granted, my life has been sort of wacky lately, but when is it not? Last week I was wearing shorts and started spring cleaning. This week, it's snowing out side and I've got my winter coat on. Go figure!

Anyway, that's all I got right now. I'm going to be bringing some writing related stuff back to my blog soon though. If you have any writing questions you would like answered, please just ask!


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