Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: To Book It or Not

Today is going to be slightly different. Today I want to address something Martin referred to in yesterday's comments.

If you've read my blogs at all, you know that reading and writing are two of my biggest passions (aside from chocolate!) The written word thrills me—whether I'm the one doing the writing or someone else is. I'm thrilled either by the opportunity to learn—or to help.

Yesterday Martin asked about Writing Wednesday and other random things I'd offered about the craft on my old blog at the Not-to-be-Named-or-Supported internet site. I took a few moments yesterday and looked over the advice I've given over the years and the specific help I'd offered others.

My question to you all is this: If I were to take the time to compile this into an easy, downloadable ebook, would you be interested in purchasing the ebook, if I were to sell it for a few dollars? (I'm up in the air on prices now, depending on how long it takes and how many pages there are, but I'm guessing between three and five dollars.)

Not merely a copy and paste of Writing Wednesday features—but ALL my advice, categorized and cleaned up for clarity, compiled in one simple, easy to download ebook, including my articles (some of them published—and yes, I do own the rights.)

As a bonus, I would include a free copy of Extreme Writing: Crafting the Action Scene.

What do you think?



Martin Bartloff said...

I wouldn't only buy it, but I would also promote it for you and you know what else? I already love the cover.

My question, why not brave the extra step and publish both ebook and print. I think you've done something very great there and you probably didn't even think of the potential.

Sure it will be a text book, but why not?


Nick Valentino said...

Heck yeah I'd be interested.

Sharon Gerlach said...

Yes. I'd definitely buy it.

Christy said...

Me too.

Milli Thornton said...

I'm with Martin! I would want to buy it for myself as well as promote it on my blog and Website and to the graduates of the Fear of Writing Online Course.

(By the way everybody, the FoW course was designed by none other than J.R. Turner . . . and that's just one of the thousands of reasons I love this lady :~)

I periodically send people to your Website to read something in your article section (I just sent a writer there last week to read about dialogue tags) so it would be super-dooper to have a Jenny reference manual with everything in one place!

Also, for people like me who were not a member of that forum, it will give us a chance to benefit from what you posted there.

Please let me know as soon as it's released so I can announce it to all my peeps.