Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thrilling Thursday: The Office To Die For

I'm thrilled today, because I got my laptop back! Yay!

For those of you who don't know, a flying mouse smashed my screen on July 6th and I had to have it replaced. (Next on my list: a wireless mouse so my wire won't get caught on the edge and snap out of my hands again!)

There is something to be said for mobility—and not being stuck in my basement, as lovely and charming as it is. I always wanted a real office, with book cases lining the walls, and now I have that—even a wonderful fireplace for those long cold winters. The only thing my office is missing? Windows.

I am a floor-to-ceiling window type of gal. If I ever had the opportunity to design my own house and build anywhere I wished, I'd choose a spot with huge trees, a windy little river nearby—for swimming, fishing and canoeing, and I'd have awesome windows all throughout the house to let in natural sunlight and allow us to enjoy the view.

That, for me, would be thrilling ;) In the meantime, though, I've got my laptop and I can make anywhere my office—well, as long as I'm not getting rained on ;) Here's the view I'm enjoying this morning as the sun comes out:

(Excuse the wonkiness, the screen doesn't help the clarity)

What about you? What would be your perfect office? Do you have one already? Got pictures we can see? Share what you think is the perfect workspace for all you do ;)


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Martin Bartloff said...


Congrats on both of your, this weeks accomplishments. I know you're feeling a ton lighter, aren't you?

I have a beautiful corner PC desk with a 28' Toshiba LCD screen, serving as a PC monitor. To my right is a window that lets me see the front of the house and trees and birds and what not. To my left is a window. I'm on the second floor above the other houses. In front of me a mug of the best coffee in the world. In other words, the best conditions a writer could desire.

I guess we have more in common than I thought. I am also a "floor to ceiling" window kind a person. I love the outdoors, even wrote part of TFN on my lap top sitting on our balcony. I built the balcony myself 10 years ago. My next plan, fix the attic to be my master bedroom, replace the entire gable with a custom window on the 3rd floor (attic.)

Great blog, I think the environment is a very important part to writing.