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Page 99 Test: My Biker Bodyguard

The Page 99 Test: My Biker Bodyguard

Hey everyone :)

If you’re familiar with “The Page 99 Test” you already know what this blog about today. A famous quote launched the whole test: “"Open the book to page ninety-nine and read, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you." Ford Madox Ford

There is a wonderful blog devoted to just this test:

With Valentines Day heavy on my mind, I thought I’d post my page 99 from My Biker Bodyguard, my favorite romantic suspense novel:

Finally the announcement that boarding could begin eased them apart.

“I love you, darlin’.”

His wet cheeks undid her. She hitched a breath and her vision blurred. She hated crying, though she’d cornered the market on it the last few days. “I love you too, Daddy.”

He kissed her cheek and without wiping his face, he looked at Mitch down the length of his nose. “Anything happens to her…” He left the threat unfinished.

“Nothing will. I give you my word,” Mitch said solemnly. The weight of his vow hung in the air for a heartbeat, then he urged Jess forward.

Among the chorus of gruff farewells, Jess followed Mitch into the gate, Mordstrom and Davis converging behind her. When she turned back for a last glimpse of her father, her line of sight was blocked by the agents.

It was official. She was on her own. Away from home for the first time since she’d left foster care. Away from her father for the first time since he’d been released from prison. Away from everything she knew, loved and held dear. She was going to see a mother she didn’t know, someone so cold and distant to her, Jess couldn’t tell imagined memory from real memory.

In California she’d be alone. Her family would be strangers, the house wouldn’t be hers, the lifestyle utterly foreign. With her mother in a coma, it would be far from the joyous reunion she’d imagined in her secret heart. She wasn’t a fish out of water, but an alien on the wrong planet. She had no one.

Mitch placed a hand on the small of her back, guiding her past the ticket takers and onto the plane. Down the aisle, his hand warm and safe and secure, behind her was a comfort. In all the craziness of the weekend, in the turmoil of the morning, she would never have expected to let herself want him. As they settled into their seats, she realized something unexpected.

She wasn’t alone, she had Mitch.
Now, only the reader can judge whether or not a page 99 excerpt passes the test or not. Personally, I think this fulfills the purpose of the quote as it shows the core of the story: the transition Jess makes from her comfortable normal world and into that of the unknown—a consequence of killing a hitman in broad daylight ;) I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! :)


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