Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Confessions of a Chocoholic

When I do interviews, speak at conferences and schools, or am asked questions at a book signing, a lot of the time what folks ask about is "how" I write. Sometimes it's about what time and day and for how long, other times it's whether or not I outline or wing it. Most, however, don't ask me how I gain the stamina to write three books, edit two books, edit shorter works, market and promote, blog and interact on social networking sites or participate in other online communities--all in one day.

(Not to mention meeting the demands of motherhood and being the head of the household while hubby is driving cross country as a truck driver.)

Now I know a lot of folks joke about how much they love chocolate. I know I've talked about this recently before, but it truly is how I make it through my days. Dark chocolate, Ferrera Rocher, Hershey's Pot of Gold truffle collection, Dove dark chocolate, Mounds bars, Resees Peanut Butter cups, Kit Kat bars--all of these are my coworkers :)

Coffee compliments the chocolate perfectly, btw ;)

I'm not saying that I eat it all day, every day, but it's a great motivator. "When I finish that chapter." "When I finish the outline." "When I find the answer to this research question." "When I send back the completed critique." "When the book is edited." These are all moments to celebrate with chocolate and bring a little sweetness to my life.

So there you have it, my true confession about my love affair with chocolate. How do you make it through your days? Do you have little tricks to make sure you have the energy to meet all your obligations? To reward yourself for a job well done? (Or at least just done! :) )

Let me know how you make it through ;)


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Mary Cunningham said...

I am sooooo with ya on the chocolate, J. R.!

What better reward???