Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Last Chance to Win 5-Page Critique

Hi everyone :)

I thought I'd let y'all know that I'll be doing the drawing tomorrow to choose a winner for my contest.

Here's the details:

This one is running through my newsletter--but membership is free to anyone who would like to participate:

Summer Treasure Hunt with My Biker Bodyguard

I'm thrilled to share the My Biker Bodyguard is getting a
great reception from readers everywhere! To celebrate
this wonderful news, I'm hosting a very unique contest.

There are three pages on my website that showcase My
Biker Bodyguard. My main page, the excerpt page, and
the review page. On one of those pages, you'll find a
secret phrase that you can only find by highlighting the
text. Discover what that phrase is, send it to me at:
secret@jennifer-turner.com and you'll be entered to win
a free five-page critique of your writing!

(If you're not a writer, but know a writer, or would rather
not get the critique, you can offer the award to a friend,
even if they aren't subscribers to my newsletter. If you
don't know a writer and would prefer to receive two free
book thongs--one for you, and one for a friend--indicate
this in your email.)

Spread the word about this contest. It's open to anyone
who joins my newsletter by July 25th--the contest deadline.

(Need a hint? There's a little sparkle visible where the
secret phrase is located! )

Enjoy the treasure hunt!

Keep an eye on my blog--it's about to explode with all the great stuff I've been doing behind the scenes! :)

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