Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Help with a Title??

Hey y'all ;) I'm back to writing again, having cleared away most of my 'editing' work for the time being.

Right now, I'm working on a longish short story for Amazon Shorts. I'm excited by the prospect of having the 'blank page' before me again. I knew what I wanted to do, but I wasn't sure about the subplot, the one that helps build suspense toward the final climatic ending. I finally figured it out and began working ;)

In The Knight Before, there were a lot of 'layers' to the story--the first being the relationship triangle between seventeen-year-old Sara Stark, Drake Knight and Bitsy--a debutante who's after landing the biggest catch in Harris County. Underlying this story is the very real flooding caused by Tropical Storm Allison in Houston, TX that occurred during the time the story takes place.

In this new short story I'm working on, I'm delving into the realm of "Not Guilty" (the working title) where an accused may be innocent (or may not be! you'll have to read to find out :) ) of the crime against him--that of raping the heroine Jilly's younger sister, Sara. The underlying problem? Unrelenting rain that eventually unleashes the evil dwelling inside the good citizens of Morris Falls.

This story falls in the horror genre and is filled with lots of supernatural happenings. However, I need a good title, one that isn't so cliched. "Not Guilty" really doesn't portray the story and it's genre well. I've been toying with plays on rain/reign:

Rain of Terror

Blood Rain

Rain of Madness

Also toying with 'storm' and 'evil':

Deluge of Evil

Storming Sin

The Sinners of Morris Falls

What do you think? Any other ideas? I'd love to have them!!



D.S. Dollman said...

how about the rain of sin, or the sin of evil, or sinful rain, a flood of darkness, and darkest when it rains

Anonymous said...

I like "Deluge of Evil" or how about "Blood Storm" or "Maelstrom in Morris Falls"?

Toni LoTempio, Author said...

What about "It Never Rains on the Guilty"

Toni LoTempio, Author said...

Ah...Rain of Guilt

J.R. Turner said...

Soo cool Y'all!! Thanks for chiming in ;) I hadn't thought of using "Maelstrom" before--awesome word. I'm gonna put all these together and think about it when I get this puppy finished. If you think of anything else, feel free to share!