Sunday, September 17, 2006

Head Cold Anyone?

Ugh, I've been down almost all week long with this nasty head cold I can't seem to shake. My youngest brought it home last week and I dosed him up with children's cough syrup, made him stay in bed, and by the next day, he was running around fine. Me, I've been sick for FIVE straight days now. Figures!

My writing is at a standstill because it's hard to concentrate when you can't BREATHE and it's even harder to *like* what you write when you feel so crappy that everything seems to suck. So, rather than harshly criticize what I've been writing and unnecessarily condemn and destroy, I've been researching and plotting as I recuperate.

Today, though, I'm feeling soooo much better. No hacking cough all through the night. No huge pile of tissues on my nightstand. Nothing. I slept like a baby (on a double dose of NyQuil!) So, all I have to do now if find the energy to clean up a house made disasterous while the natives played when the chieftess was laid low, buy some groceries (funny how fast we run out of food when I'm sick!) and then I can get busy!

Flava-of-Love is on tonight. Can y'all believe they let New York back in the house?? Those poor, poor women. Oh, and did y'all see that poor Kayne got sent home on Project Runway this week? I don't care if they thought his work was tacky, or tasteless, I loved his stuff. Very cool guy too. Wouldn't mind having his advice on my wardrobe! Hey! Maybe he could do a guest stint on Queer Eye? That would be fabulous :)

Okay, so yeah, getting the flu does allow a person to catch up on all their favorite shows ;)


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