Thursday, August 18, 2011

Executive Director, can you believe it??

Hey everyone ;)

I've got some interesting news to share ;) Wisconsin Regional Writers' Association has asked me to step into Boyd Sutton's shoes this October as Executive Director. I'm totally stoked and excited about this. Not only will Boyd mentor me, but I'll be trained on how to run a non-profit. So very cool!

Okay, back to my conference, editing, and writing work!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day in the Life

Ever wonder what I do all day? I do... Just kidding :) Seriously though, where does the time fly? It's not yet 9:30 (CT) and I'm already running around like a chicken on fire!
6:30-I save the carpets--I take the dog out.
6:45-Make coffee and check emails-lots happening with upcoming conference, newsletter, 9/1 releases...etc.
7:00-Feed turtle, fish, check food/water for mice and guinea pig, let in the cat...
7:10-Shower and dress for the day
7:45-Make breakfast for the kids my daughter is babysitting
8:00-Start making phone calls: 4 Dentist appt.s for whole family, pay med bills, etc.
8:20-Make breakfast for my own children (we're out of milk...)
8:22-Make grocery list (milk is on the top of the list)
8:45-Start cleaning up sleep-over mess and run load of laundry
9:10-Check email again--very quiet today, thank goodness-only 2 need a quick reply
9:15-Start writing this blog...

So, that's how I start my days--mostly :) Today, I have to be at the dealership to get the car fixed (something's goofy with the driver-side front tire thingy) at 11:00, then I have to take Dustin in for a doc appt in another town--and visit a friend in that same town--by 3pm. After that, I'll be nose to the grindstone editing until I stop to get dinner on.

I hope everyone has a great :) (Really? It's only Wed.?? Oy...)