Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day in the Life

Ever wonder what I do all day? I do... Just kidding :) Seriously though, where does the time fly? It's not yet 9:30 (CT) and I'm already running around like a chicken on fire!
6:30-I save the carpets--I take the dog out.
6:45-Make coffee and check emails-lots happening with upcoming conference, newsletter, 9/1 releases...etc.
7:00-Feed turtle, fish, check food/water for mice and guinea pig, let in the cat...
7:10-Shower and dress for the day
7:45-Make breakfast for the kids my daughter is babysitting
8:00-Start making phone calls: 4 Dentist appt.s for whole family, pay med bills, etc.
8:20-Make breakfast for my own children (we're out of milk...)
8:22-Make grocery list (milk is on the top of the list)
8:45-Start cleaning up sleep-over mess and run load of laundry
9:10-Check email again--very quiet today, thank goodness-only 2 need a quick reply
9:15-Start writing this blog...

So, that's how I start my days--mostly :) Today, I have to be at the dealership to get the car fixed (something's goofy with the driver-side front tire thingy) at 11:00, then I have to take Dustin in for a doc appt in another town--and visit a friend in that same town--by 3pm. After that, I'll be nose to the grindstone editing until I stop to get dinner on.

I hope everyone has a great :) (Really? It's only Wed.?? Oy...)


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