Thursday, March 05, 2009

Good and Bad News

First, the bad news, because I always like to end on a positive note :) As many of you know I was ill at the end of last week. Well, I went to the doctor today because while I was back on my feet, I never fully recovered.
It turns out that the stress I'm under is effecting my health. I was prescribed medication and told to lighten my load. So, I've decided that I'm going to postpone the workshop I planned for this weekend until the medication I'm taking begins to work and I'm back 100%. I hope everyone will understand and not be too disappointed. I will do this soon, just not yet.
Now to the good news! :)
I heard from Marc Vun Kannon, who is a fabulous writer himself, that he picked up my book, DFF: Dead Friends Forever at the SC Book Festival. He wrote: "I have been reading the latest books from Echelon, in particular DFF: Dead Friends Forever, and I've started Witch's Pawn. DFF is a stunningly good book, by far Jenny Turner's best book yet!"

I was over the moon!! What a compliment to come out of the blue like that, from someone I was always dying to hear enjoyed one of my books in that way :) He went on to say that he began reading it in a hotel room and actually got the heebie-jeebies because it was that spooky! :) He compared it to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but with a darker edge, like Angel and then ordered extra for a library event he's going to.
How cool is that??
You can check out more about Marc Vun Kannon here:

Okay, just wanted to share and I hope that everyone is having a fantastic week! :)



Gayle Carline said...

Jenny - so sorry to hear you're under the weather! Take care of yourself. As Count Rugen told Prince Humperdinck, "If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything."

Those were indeed kind words from Marc - many congrats on your good work!

Gayle Carline (aka GeeCarl)

Milli Thornton said...

Aww, Jenny. I don't like to hear about stress affecting your health.

Sounds like a sensible plan to postpone your workshop and have a break. Now, make sure to do some nice things for YOURSELF during that extra time (cuz I know you'll always do things for others, given half a chance).


I find warm baths with essential oils very helpful for stress. My favorite is lavender - with some dead sea salts added to clear negative energies out of the system.

I think when we're always "on" - even if we're doing something we love - it becomes hard for our bodies to release and recharge. I know myself I'm pretty terrible about just stopping to rest and daydream. That's why the baths are great. It gives me a focus for the act of stopping. Plus it's so pleasant.

Glad you had some fun news to go along with the doctor's orders. Must be a blast getting accolades from an author you admire!

Love Ya - Millikins

P.S. I was recommending your critique service to another new writer this week. Hope I didn't inadvertently add to your load...

Iris Black said...

Sorry about the stress/doctor thing. Two years ago, I was under the same deal. I internalized my stress, giving myself gastritis (stomach unhappiness). Now I am on the meds and doing a lot better.

Hope you feel better soon!