Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks Mom, for the Research Tip!

My dear mother, who doesn't hear from me too often these days, has offered me a wonderful idea! Every day I research, but I often lose links to places I need for my writing. As organized as I try to be, sometimes, I'm just not careful enough. Especially when I'm not sure if it's something that will work, or if it's only the best I can find.

So, I thought I'd solve all those issues using my lovely mother's advice and share my research here. If you have any information about what I'm posting, or if you have a better, more up-to-date site to offer, I'd be extremely thrilled to know it ;)

Okay, so, in order to keep my research easily accessible, I'm going to make sure my headings are specific enough to help me find the information when I need it. That means, creating a new post right now!

Three posts in one day! Guess I'm making up for lost time, hey? :)

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