Monday, February 04, 2008

Shamed into Blogging Again ;)

I could give a litany of excuses and reasons why I have neglected my blog for so long--all of them would be familiar to any number of my readers--but alas, none would truly be good enough.

Illness, a son with a broken knee, missed deadlines, an extremely difficult project, the holidays, etc. You name it, it's probably on the list.

But, while attending Love is Murder this weekend in Chicago, I joined a panel about internet marketing. Of course, the first (and only) direct question I was asked turned out to be: "How often do you blog?"

This was supposed to be my shining moment where I get to set a wonderful example and explain how I blog every other day, keep my information up to date, and have built a following.


Needless to say, I had to respond with, "I'm probably not the best person to answer that question..." Which of course made me look like a dufus.

So, in the end, I had to ask myself--what advice would I give someone in my same predicament?

It's never too late to start blogging--again, in my case ;)

I'm back--and I'm determined to never again have to struggle with that question again :)

I've also got some wonderful plans to make it impossible for me to leave my blog(s) alone for any length of time whatsoever. It's time that I started giving back to the literary community that has offered me so much over the course of the last eight years. I'll be offering contests, free critiques, and reader bonanza's you won't want to miss!!

It's good to be home again!


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