Thursday, November 09, 2006

Long Time--and Fixed!!

I'm so happy to announce that I fixed the problem on my blog so that you no longer have to scroll way down to view the posts. Unfortunately, the only way I could rectify that was to delete a few of the images I had on here, but never fear, there are links to where you can view these images in their place ;)

I'm also glad to be back to blogging after a long delay. I'm going to be updating my website very soon and will then link to the great photos I've got to share with y'all! Including an amazing one of me with Jenny Siler, a fabulous author that if you haven't read her and love 'action' heroines who are deep and complex, you should definitely read soon. "Flashback" and "Easy Money" are definitely favorites so far! Check out her website here.

I'll be back soon with more news!!


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