Monday, August 01, 2005

Red, Blue, and Bummed

Okay, so it's not totally thrilling to read about another person's state of exhaustion, but that's where I am. I burned the candle at both ends for over three weeks, getting two books polished and edited and back to their proper homes--one, the final proofs on Stark Knight that should now be on its way to the printers--and two, the final revised manuscript of Racing the Moon off to The Knight Agency. Added to that: one chapter critique and one story critique for Roto-Writer Critique service--about 300 pages of critique for my fabu-tastic writing group that I had fallen behind on--website content for my most wonderful web mistress--and a host of lesser (but no less important) business related emails. Also, one heart-stopping adventure in getting Racing the Moon printed and off to L.A.--twice.

First, after endless hours getting Racing the Moon ready, I finally completed all the revisions necessary and was ready to print. Of course, halfway through the printing process, my printer runs out of ink. Off to Wally-World I go--only to discover *GASP* they no longer carry my printer ink! Yikes! I rush over to staples, heart in my throat ( I do NOT have the funds to buy a new printer!) and to my relief, they carry the ink. I spend my budgeted submission money to buy it and hurry home to finish printing. Finally, it's ready to go to the post office--but unfortunately, I only have enough greebacks to send it cheap :( Not over night, as I had hoped.

Days go by and I decide to check if the manuscripat has arrived: it hasn't. Nephele Tempest is such a dearheart, she offers to let me know if it arrives one week after it was supposed to. No dice--so it's off to print the manuscript again and send it out in the mail. This time I'm a little more flush and can afford regular mail--with proof of delivery. But, I'm almost out of nails to chew. Finally, I get word via the USPS internet the manuscript was delivered--just in time for everyone to be busy at RWA's National conference. *sigh*

So, what do I do? I decide this tired author needs a day of R&R and take the kidlets to the beach for the day. Well, after enjoying the sun and fun, you can imagine what my Zombie skin did--and where the "Red" comes in the title of this blog ;) I am all over lobster-colored and ready to go live in a mud bath until I'm normal again. So much for re-energizing. *Sigh*

Now, I'm just seriously exhausted from lack of sleep and lack of real rest for over a month. But, I must soldier onward--Stark Knight will be out in a few short weeks and I'm way behind on marketing and promotion. *sigh*

I need a lot of chocolate and a good night's sleep!
And not to leave this note on a whine ;) I'll share what my Honey-bear Matthew was doing as I wrote this: The little guy (he's four) was standing in my bedroom doorway, thumbs in his ears, tongue hanging out, and bobbing his head up and down--all the while giggling at his reflection in the brass doorknob :) Ahh, to be that easily entertained again ;)

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