Monday, June 27, 2005

Getting There

Almost finished with the huge big monstrous epic adventure sci-fi paranormal thriller I'm hoping will be my break out novel. Which is great, but now opens a whole new can of worms.

As many of y'all know, I've got a book coming out in a few short months. One of the things 'they' don't tell you about when you're first book is bought by a publisher, is what transpires between the time you wrote 'the end' on that novel, and the time it actually hits the shelves. Of course, I was just estatic to get 'the call'--but now, I'm more terrified that the book will not measure up to the new standards I've reached in crafting my very best book since then.

So be warned, those of you who are trying to break into publishing--your first books are likely not going to be the best thing you'll ever publish. I'm only hoping that I'll be given another chance to publish again if this first book flops. It's more nightmarish thatn I'm letting on--in fact, I Am losing sleep over it, tossing and turning.

I take heart in the fairytale of Stephen King's career, however. Everyone just loved Carrie, and although like Stark Knight, it wasn't his first book, it also wasn't his best book. It's true that authors evolve and grow stronger over time. I'm just really hoping I get that chance.

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